Vanja Gjorcevska Case: Palevski Issued 30-Day Detention Measure

Ljupco Palevski, the principal suspect in last year’s double murder of Vanja Gjorcevska and Pance Zezovski, was on Tuesday issued a 30-day detention measure by a judge in the previous procedure.

As the Criminal Court explained, the decision has been made because there are circumstances that he may escape, obstruct the criminal procedure by impacting witnesses, as well as circumstances indicating that he will finish or repeat the crime.

The parties have a right to appeal the decision. Palevski, who was taken to the Court for interrogation and who was assigned a lawyer ex officio, asked by media whether he had killed Gjorcevska and Zezovski and whether he would remain silent, said, “No.”.

Palevski also denied he had been at large. Also, the principal suspect stated that he had evidence that he was innocent. However, he didn’t say where he was on 27 November, the day when Gjorcevska had been murdered.