Vanja Gjorcevska Case: Supreme Court Dismisses Father’s Appeal

At a session on Wednesday, the Supreme Court dismissed as unfounded the appeal of Aleksandar Gjorcevski, the father of Vanja Gjorcevska, the girl murdered last year, for abolition of his detention measure.

“I’m currently divided into two worlds. One of my kids is here, but they took away the other. I don’t care where I will see in the outcome. I just want to see it in. Afterwards, as an adult, I will make a decision on whether I will continue in this world or go to the other kid,” he said.

Prosecutor Natalija Tasevska said the defence’s appeal should be rejected due to fears that Gjorevski might flee or influence witnesses. However, his lawyer, Vladimir Tufegdzic, said there was no evidence backing the claims.

Despite the dismissal, the Court’s press-release doesn’t include any explanatory note about its decision.