Velkovski, Andonovski, Tripunovski, and Petrova Take Office

On Monday, Gjoko Velkovski said on social media he had started his term as caretaker Labour and Social Policy Minister.

“Three months to go until the big victory, which depends on all of us. Therefore, let us unite and defeat the irresponsible politicians that have created dreadfulness in our Macedonia,” he wrote, posting also a photo of him giving flowers to his predecessor, Jovanka Trencevska, who is now the additional Deputy Minister.

Monday also saw Stefan Andonovski use his first day as Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration meet young people from the IT sector.

“I am seeing ambition by them to change things,” he said.

Deputy Agriculture Minister Cvetan Tripunovski said what was ahead was a period of building hope, a battle to restore dignity of farmers, and changes for all citizens. When it comes to Deputy Finance Minister Elena Petrova, the current Minister, Fatmir Besimi, posted on social media a photo of her first working day.