VLEN Coalition with Suspicions about DUI’s Intentions

The VLEN coalition said on Wednesday a series of symptomatic moves by DUI’s leadership, together with the ODIHR Report about potential risks for the elections, raised suspicions about the intentions of “the desperate losers”, who would become an opposition party after so many years.

“First, Ali Ahmeti, in February in Kosovo, said now was not the time for a President from the ethnic Albanian community. Second, when DUI became aware that they couldn’t find a way to stop VLEN from having a presidential candidate, Artan Grubi posted “Only Ali Ahmeti” on Facebook, alluding that he would be their presidential candidate.

Third, when Arben Taravari said he was becoming VLEN’s presidential candidate, Ahmeti got scared for the defeat he would face and decided to sacrifice Bujar Osmani, with the idea for constitutional changes to change the Election of President and introducing a new position, Deputy President, as a condition of DUI for any coalition with ethnic Macedonian parties.

Then, at the promotion of Osmani as a presidential candidate, Ahmeti promoted the motto “The time has come for the first President from the ethnic Albanian community”. Never before has DUI looked this confused and scared,” the coalition said.