VLEN with Allegations against Duraki and Bajrami, Toskovski Responds

VLEN’s Orhan Murtezani said on Wednesday that the driver of DUI’s Sadulla Duraki, Aleksan Rahmani, had been caught ballot-box stuffing in Polling Station 1112/1 Lipkovo.

Caretaker Interior Minister Pance Toskovski, however, said such an incident hadn’t been formally reported as of the end of the vote.

VLEN also alleged that the head of the Tetovo Internal Affairs Sector, Shefik Bajrami, had expelled one of Toskovski’s advisers, who had been sent, on the basis of an order from the Minister, in writing, to be part of activities related to the election process in the frames of the Tetovo Sector.

“It’s true he was not allowed to attend in the frames of the operational HQ frames of the Sector today,” he said.