VMRO-DPMNE Presents Coalition, Jovanovic’s Party Joins SDSM’s Bloc

On Friday, VMRO-DPMNE presented its pre-election coalition. Among the 24 opposition parties are Stojance Angelov’s Dignity, Pavle Trajanov’s Democratic Union, Solza Grceva’s Voice for Macedonia, Petar Bogojeski’s Macedonian Concept, and Ljube Boskoski’s United for Macedonia.

The coalition’s representatives said they were focused on a positive campaign and urged mass turnout. VMRO-DPMNE’s new partners haven’t been given MP candidate positions. However, they will get directorial positions if VMRO-DPMNE comes to power.

The same day, Angelov said that his party focused on solving the issues of 2001 conflict defenders, war veterans, and their families.

When it comes to SDSM’s bloc, on Friday, Miroslav Jovanovic’s Serbian Party in Macedonia, too, joined the Coalition for a European Future.

That day also saw DUI leader Ali Ahmeti sign a pre-election coalition agreement with the Movement of Turks of Macedonia for Justice and Democracy.