VMRO-DPMNE to Use 5,000 Amendments to Block Amnesty Law

VMRO-DPMNE will use 5,000 amendments in an attempt to block the amnesty law. The information was confirmed by the party for Sitel on Wednesday.

“We plan a full blockade of this item at the session of Parliament tomorrow,” VMRO-DPMNE noted.

On the other hand, Justice Minister Krenar Lloga will use photos of prisons to show the conditions there. It’s interesting that the Deputy Justice Minister, Viktorija Avramovska Madic, disagrees with Lloga’s law.

She has announced amendments to prevent those convicted in the Monster case, which concerns the 2012 Smiljkovci killings, from being amnestied.

According to the announcements, Thursday’s session will see a competition scheduled for the seventh State Election Commission (SEC) member, which, according to the law, now needs to belong to the opposition from the ethnic Albanian bloc.