VMRO-DPMNE’s Kovacki: Two Mayors and PRO Head Abusing Institutions

On Monday, VMRO-DPMNE alleged that the Mayors of Probistip and Kriva Palanka, as well as the Public Revenue Office’s Director, SDSM MP candidate Sanja Lukarevska, were abusing institutions.

“I am being informed by people on the ground that the Mayors are abusing institutions and pressuring citizens.

The same is being done by Lukarevska, who is directly abusing institutions in both Berovo and Sveti Nikole. However, they should know that every action has its own consequence. Liability will catch up with them on 9 May.

I call on citizens not to be afraid, to muster up the courage, to vote in huge numbers on 24 April for Gordana SIljanovska Davkova so that we bring the changes together because that’s what citizens deserve,” VMRO-DPMNE MP candidate Dragan Kovacki said.