VMRO Presents Platform #1198 Election Programme

VMRO-DPMNE presented on Sunday its election programme, Platform #1198. The number, 1198, represents the number of the opposition party’s projects.

Regarding the economy, the focus is on capital investments of three billion euros, in infrastructure, education, and health projects, 55,000 new jobs, and reducing the unemployment rate to 7.5%.

With regards to foreign policy, full-fledged EU membership and fostering the strategic partnership with the US are among the key priorities. When it comes specifically to the Bulgaria dispute, the party’s stand that under the current conditions, it will not accept constitutional changes.

As far as the matter of politics and the rule of law is concerned, party officials discussed the issue of a Parliament with 90 MPs and a single electoral district, judicial system and public administration reforms, and a dissolution of both the Council of Public Prosecutors and the Judicial Council.