Poll on Citizens’ Satisfaction with Government Work

Citizens have divided opinion on the work of the government in its first year of rule. 49 % are satisfied, whereas 47.4 % are unsatisfied with its work, the poll of Telma TV and MCMS suggests. Fully satisfied are 16.5 %, whereas 35.4 % are completely dissatisfied. Based on party affiliation, 11.9 % of SDSM supporters and 38.4 % of DUI supporters are dissatisfied with the work of the new government. The poll was carried out on 52,000 respondents over the phone in the period 15-23 May. The respondents also answered questions as to whether Zaev’s government moves the country in the positive or negative direction, what are the priorities of the government and what they should be as well as which are the best and worst ministries.

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