Titanic Case Resumes with Introductory Remarks by Part of Defendants

The trial in the Titanic case resumed with the introductory remarks of the defence and part of the defendants in the Titanic case. Defendants Gordana Jankuloska and Ilija Dimovski claim that the pardoning by President Ivanov, though withdrawn, is still effective. Their lawyer Petar Vasilev stressed that the investigation into this case should be stopped as the pardon cannot be withdrawn so the amnesty has legal validity. In his introductory remarks Nikola Gruevski said that he was in power for 10 years and had no need to rig elections. He added it was a matter of political genocide over the party. Defendant Mile Janakieski, the ex Transport minister, demanded that the court check the authenticity of the hard-disc with recorded conversations, indicating they might be copies.

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