Municipalities from Northern Greece Call for Referendum on Name Deal

Prefectures and municipalities from the northern part of Greece are asking that a national referendum be held on the Prespa Agreement, ‘so that citizens can exercise their legal right to accept or reject it.’The resolution to ask for a referendum was reached at the Thessaloniki meeting held on Wednesday by the Regional Council of Central Macedonia and attended by 258 local government representatives including mayors and members of municipality councils and local chambers; 15 bishops, and 90 representatives from various institutions, chambers, and universities. “The Prespa Agreement (of June 17, 2018) is a serious diplomatic and national defeat and harms the interests and the future of the country and its citizens. There has been no previous Greek government in the past that has recognized ‘Macedonian’ nationality or ‘Macedonian’ language, which are the root of our neighbors’ irredentism,” the resolution states.

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