PM Zaev, MP Jovanovski have Row in Parliament

During the MP Questions Session in the Parliament of Macedonia, VMRO-DPMNE MP Krsto Jovanovski leveled a series of accusations and offensive words at PM Zaev concerning the Name Issue Agreement with Greece. “You are traitors, and the agreement for your treachery is signed with the damn hand of yours. You are cowards, who sold the sacred name of Macedonia only for personal material gain. Your treachery will be written in history books and you will be remembered as the greatest shame for Macedonia,” said Jovanovski to Zaev, after which Zaev replied to him. “You cannot speak of patriotism, you who robbed this country for 11 years. You, Mr. Jovanovski, borrowed money from me while you were spending time in casinos in Strumica. All of you brought the citizens to deep poverty, and you are to speak of patriotism?” Zaev replied to Jovanovski. After the tense argumentation, the session was interrupted and the MPs were given a recess.

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