PM Zaev Dedicates Award European Person of the Year to Regional Leaders

Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev visited Sarajevo on Thursday at an invitation of the Bosnia-based Independent Agency for Selection of Best Managers and the European Association of Managers, to attend a ceremony at which he was presented with the award ‘Golden Plaque – European Person of the Year’. Speaking to reporters before the ceremony, PM Zaev extended gratitude for the honor to be awarded for the third time in a row – twice as Macedonia’s Head of Government. I am dedicating this year award to all my colleagues from the region – the Prime Ministers of Bosnia/Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Greece, as well as citizens of these countries, Zaev said. The leaders and citizens, he said, have joined forces and demonstrated leadership for better today and tomorrow, enabling building of bridges between the countries in the region, as well as between the region and Europe.

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