VMRO-DPMNE Yet to Decide Whether to Boycott Referendum

Zaev has decided to force an issue that is meaningless and equivocal, just to cover up the capitulation in the negotiations with Greece while the acceptance of this agreement of capitulation fulfils Greece’s red lines. No politician in the history of the Republic of Macedonia has made such concessions, said General Secretary of VMRO-DPMNE Igor Janushev, at Tuesday’s press conference. “It is shameful to compare the historic referendum of 1991 with the private referendum that Zaev is pushing forward now. Then (in 1991), all the political parties reached a consensus on the referendum, and the citizens decided for an independent Republic of Macedonia. Now, there is no consensus and citizens are being asked to vote for the eradication of the Republic of Macedonia, its tradition, history and culture”, says Janushev. Responding to a journalist’s question, Janushev said that in the upcoming days, VMRO-DPMNE will announce the party’s official position on whether they will boycott the referendum on 30th of September. On his Facebook profile VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski wrote: I am in favour of future where we will not be prostituting ourselves as people and state simply because blackmailed and incapable politicians are in the government.

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