MoI: Motion for Dismissal of Velkovski filed

Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski will file a motion to the government on dismissal of the head of the Public Security Bureau (PSB), the Ministry of the Interior (MoI) reported. “A MoI official state car, Land Rover Discovery Sport, was sent on a trip to Greece on 2 August 2018 after an approval was issued by the PSB head, Lazo Velkovski. The vehicle was driven on the territory of Greece by a police officer employed in the department for protection of high-ranking persons. Velkovski stated that he had used the official state car ‘out of necessity’ after assessing that it was unsafe for his daughter to travel alone because of threats aimed at him personally and at his family, which had led him to engage a member of his security detail. The investigation has determined that the procedure for trips of office holders had not been properly conducted,” writes the press release by MoI. This case was revealed to the broader public when the web portal NetPress published photographs of the vehicle at the Macedonia-Greece border crossing near Gevgelija.

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