Kammenos: Independent Greeks Leaves Government before Agreement Adoption

The Leader of the Greek political party “Independent Greeks” and current Greek Minister of Defence Panos Kammenos said that his party will leave the Greek government once the Name Issue Agreement is set up for discussion and ratification in the Greek Parliament. “Once the agreement reaches the parliament, if all procedures in Skopje are completed, Independent Greeks will leave the government. We have clearly said that and I cannot agree with a solution that gives away name Macedonia without giving the Greek people any say in it. Once the PM decides to bring the agreement into the parliament, I will go to him and say that the party leaves the government and all ministers nominated by Independent Greeks would resign, followed by a meeting with the President,” said Kammenos, adding that snap elections would follow. He also mentioned the option for a referendum similar to that in Macedonia to be held in Greece so that the Greek citizens also have their say in the entire process.


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