Special German Envoy Hellbach Sends Message of Support

The Skopje-Athens (name) deal is a historic solution and now is the time for the citizens of Macedonia to make the right decision, Christian Hellbach, Special Envoy of the German Foreign Office for South-Eastern Europe, said Monday in Skopje at a roundtable on Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic future. “Your country has Euro-Atlantic perspective. Unfortunately your European integration was stalled for much too long over the name issue. We wish for your country, as well as for the entire Western Balkans, to join the European Union and NATO, first and foremost from the security aspect,” Hellbach said. The success of Macedonia’s government to resolve the name dispute with Greece was the best news from the Western Balkans for the last few years, Hellbach said, underlying the significance of the ongoing, future steps for implementing the (name) deal.

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