Asselborn: We are waiting for you in EU and NATO

“We’re waiting for you to join us in the EU and NATO,” said Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Jean Asselborn of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg during the meeting with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Thursday. During the meeting, Asselborn and Zaev agreed that the referendum outcome would determine not only Macedonia’s but also the future of the region. “Most citizens of Macedonia,” PM Zaev said, “are in favor of Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic future, and I believe the referendum will be a success. The citizens and the Government will stand together for European values, which will secure a better life and uphold the rule of law for the good of everyone in the country.” The Prespa Deal has enormous benefits for the country as it protects and affirms the Macedonian identity and the Macedonian language worldwide – and citizens are aware of this, he added. FM Asselborn and PM Zaev also discussed ways to ensure greater regional security and stability, the Government’s press release reads.

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