Merkel to Macedonian citizens: Don’t stay at Home on 30 September

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel paid an official visit of Macedonia on Saturday, becoming the first ever German Chancellor to visit Macedonia. Merkel was welcomed in the Government of Macedonia by PM Zoran Zaev and other ministers. Merkel and Zaev held a joint press conference, referring several ongoing issues concerning the Euro-Atlantic integration of Macedonia. “The decision that is to be made on the upcoming referendum on the Prespa Agreement is of crucial importance for your country’s future, so on 30 September don’t stay at home, for you alone decide about your future. No one threatens the Macedonian citizens with isolation. So, on 30 September the citizens are to decide whether they want to be a part of NATO and EU by accepting the Name Issue Agreement with Greece. Seize this chance and state clearly what kind of future you want for yourselves,” Merkel said.