Mickoski: Citizens should decide themselves whether to vote in Referendum

After holding consultations among the central and executive committees of VMRO-DPMNE, the party leader Hristijan Mickoski held a press conference late on Tuesday night in order to present the party’s position concerning the upcoming referendum on the Prespa Agreement. “Our country is before a cross-road, and these moments determine the destiny of Macedonia. The government calls for a step forward, but that step leads us to a great pit that means complete deletion of the Macedonian identity. The government led by SDSM is in panic due to their uncertainty about the referendum’s success, so they started the campaign before the legal starting date. Even the German Chancellor Angela Merkel pointed it out to them that besides the resolution of the name issue, there is much more to be done and reformed. So far, this government has proven on many occasions that it is incapable to do anything right. The PM Zoran Zaev keeps on lying and robbing the people, so I call him for a TV duel concerning the activities of the government led by him. There are things we are willing to pay a high price for, but there are also things that have no price. This is a question after which nothing will be the same, and after consulting the citizens in several occasions, VMRO-DPMNE decided to leave it up to the people to make the decision by themselves about how to vote in the referendum, and whatever they decide, we shall accept. VMRO-DPMNE supports Macedonia’s integration in NATO and EU, but will never support an agreement demanding constitutional changes with sole purpose to change of the name of Macedonia, which is against our positions concerning the name of Macedonia,” Mickoski said.