PM Zaev: This historic Moment is bigger than Us, Important for our Children

The PM of Macedonia Zoran Zaev addressed the nation via a video, in which he calls upon all the citizens to vote in the referendum on the Prespa Agreement with Greece, and support the country’s integration in NATO and EU. “We decide at the September 30 referendum. This historic moment is bigger than us, our parties, quarrels or personal interests. It is about our children’s future. Let’s all go out at the referendum for a European Macedonia. Independence and freedom. These are the aspirations that our people fought for in the glorious past. Today, when we all stand together before the biggest challenge in the history of our country, we have the unique opportunity to seize this historic chance, this second referendum that will strengthen our independence, and say Yes for a stable and secure future, for a future in Europe. Our path is not an easy one but we know best what we are gaining. We know that we are our own masters, Macedonians speaking the recognized Macedonian language, citizens opting for a better life, higher income, proper jobs. All of this, in our beautiful Macedonia, safe, secure, peaceful, friendly and stable. European. During the talks and in the agreement we have kept our language and nationality, our culture, we have preserved our history. A successful referendum will ensure the country’s future for all times,” says PM Zaev in the video message.