PM Zaev meets US Vice-President Pence in Washington

PM Zoran Zaev paid an official visit to the United States on Thursday, where he met US Vice-President Mike Pence. As reported by the Macedonian government, Zaev and Pence spoke about the upcoming referendum on the Prespa Agreement in Macedonia, and the country’s integration in NATO. Zaev introduced Pence to all activities the government conducts concerning the 30 September referendum. “Macedonia has no alternatives for the integration in NATO and EU, and the citizens are aware that their decision on the referendum will result in the start of the protocol for NATO integration of Macedonia, after the invite we got a while ago in Brussels,” Zaev said. US Vice-President Pence told Zaev that the White House encourages Macedonia on its way towards NATO and EU and that it shares the vision for making Macedonia democratic and prosperous NATO member-state. Zaev and Pence both agreed to organise a mutual celebration once Macedonia becomes a full NATO member.