President Ivanov Reiterates Position on Referendum

No politician has the mandate to negotiate over the identity of a nation. The majority of Macedonian citizens have not voted for a programme that includes constitutional revision for the purpose of changing the country’s name. Therefore, the incumbent authorities have no mandate from the people and the voters to change the identity, give up on the Diaspora, erase history and memory, said President Gjorge Ivanov during a visit to a Macedonian Orthodox church in Detroit on Sunday. Ivanov said the Republic of Macedonia is an eternal asset, which is now brought into question through the agreement with Greece and the coming referendum, the President’s Office said in a press release. “Bringing into question this eternal asset brings into question our existence as a nation. This agreement is an attempt to humiliate us as no other nation had been before. They want to make us dumb by considering that we do not know our name,” said Ivanov. The President reiterated that he would not vote at the September 30 referendum.