PM Zaev Appeals for Unity towards EU

The time has come to bring Europe to Macedonia and the 30 September referendum will decide on the direction our country should take, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev told a public gathering in Krusevo on Wednesday. “On 30 September we are to make a historic decision. Our people established the first republic in the Balkans and the second in Europe here in Krusevo, which is also the champion of the slogan – united in diversity. Let’s show Europe that Macedonia is Europe,’ Zaev said. Finally the citizens of Macedonia are close to turning their wish for EU, NATO membership into reality, Zaev said. ‘It is not easy as we should add a geographic qualifier to the country’s name, but in return we obtain an eternal recognition of our identity and language,’ Zaev said. The agreement is beneficial for both Macedonia and Greece, he said, and therefore on 30 September ‘it’s our duty to come out and say YES for European Macedonia.’ He invited opposition VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski to join the pro-referendum campaign for Macedonia’s future.