PM Zaev Video Appeal to Citizens for Referendum Support

On Sunday you will face a historic decision. You should make the choice. Remember, it is not the choice between two political parties. It is a choice for your future. This was the message conveyed by PM Zoran Zaev in a video address to citizens on the referendum on Thursday. He made the video in Krusevo outside the Makedonium monument. “This monument, the Makedonium, reminds us that the Macedonian people have always made the right choice: in 1903 during the Ilinden Uprising, in 1941 in the National Liberation War, on 8 September 1991,” the PM said, adding not all dreams have been realised since, but realising the dream for EU and NATO integration was close. “On 30 September, each of us should place a brick in the construction of better Macedonian future,” said Zaev, adding citizens hold the key for the European and Euro-Atlantic future of Macedonia.