PM Zaev: 2/3 Majority to be secured through Talks

PM Zoran Zaev stated on Tuesday he cannot confirm whether two/third majority was reached in parliament to adopt constitutional amendments, voicing optimism, however, that through inclusive debate the progressive element will prevail. “This cannot be stated by anyone. This can be said at the moment of decision making, of course through the debate in parliament. In the talks we saw there is nice progressive mass of MPs which is a serious enough motive and reason to launch procedures as the government did yesterday,” said Zaev. He said all speculations about blackmails or bribery of MPs must be removed and the debate to be held in a pleasant atmosphere with responsibility for the future. He rejected the claims that 82 MPs had been secured, adding the process cannot be brought down to calculations and figures, but it should be led in conversations and motivation with commitment for responsibility. As last resort he pinpointed the early election possibility.