AA Leader not in favour of Amnesty; Besa to Draft Constitution Amendments

Leader of the Alliance for Albanians Ziadin Sela said to them it was unacceptable the formation of reconciliation commission and individuals responsible of crimes for the 27 incident April should take responsibility. In his media statement in the parliament press centre Sela said that an agreement should be drafted for reconciliation of all ethnic communities, without explaining what it actually means. “ The Albanian language cannot be defined as other than the Macedonian language, but it is Albanian,” says Sela, adding when the time is right they will submit their amendments to the Constitution. Besa MP Fadil Zendeli said they will submit four amendments to the Constitution making the Albanian equal to the Macedonian language, ensuring that the state provides care for all of its citizens in the diaspora and the President to have no right to veto after second vote on a law or act.