Trial over Titanic 2 Case Postponed for 3 December

Tuesday’s hearing over the Titanic 2 case, opened by the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO), was postponed for 3 December. The hearing was supposed to see material evidence presented. Judge Ognen Stavrev said the defence had three days to say whether it would propose some of the defendants as witnesses. Also, he stated that he had accepted Ljupka Gugucevska, Admir Shabani and Ljubomir Atanasovski as witnesses and that he had accepted the temporary rules of procedure as material evidence. According to him, several complaints filed by Bedredin Ibrahimi have been rejected. “If that is the case, I will no longer come to the hearings,” the defendant said, expressing revolt. Stavrev responded that if Ibrahimi did that, the Criminal Court would be forced to take measures that wouldn’t benefit him. “Do whatever you want, considering you don’t allow me to present my pieces of evidence,” the defendant responded. DPA leader Menduh Thaci, former UBK Director Saso Mijalkov and former SEC members Aneta Stefanovska Vlatko Stajkovski are among the defendants in the case.