Zaev: I have not Contacted Gruevski Before his Escape

The PM Zoran Zaev denies the claims in certain media that he contacted former PM Nikola Gruevski moments before he escaped from Macedonia. “Ever since I became PM, I have not contacted Gruevski. The last contacts we had were before the events on 27 April 2017 in the Parliament took place, and we spoke about unblocking the political processes in Macedonia. It is clear that we have the 2/3 majority so that we do not trouble the citizens. We are constantly receiving information about Gruevski’s escape and I hope the case will be resolved in due time. For now, the only question that remains to puzzle us is how four countries, of which three are NATO members, allowed Gruevski to freely transit through their territories and reach Budapest,” Zaev said. In meantime, Deutsche Welle in Macedonian reveals new details of Gruevski’s escape, reporting that he was allegedly seen leaving the Hotel Marriott in Skopje on the night of 8 November, the very same hotel where former UBK Head Saso Mijalkov was arrested few days after Gruevski’s escape.