Voutsis: Greek Parliament to Adopt Prespa Agreement by Middle of March 2019

In an interview for the Greek Public Broadcaster ERT, the Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament Nikos Voutsis spoke about the adoption and ratification of the Prespa Agreement. “It is evidential that by the middle of January 2019 Skopje will complete the processes for implementation of the Prespa Agreement, after which the Greek Parliament takes over the stirring wheel, probably at the end of February or middle of March. I believe there is a solid majority in the Greek Parliament, which will at the same time secure the positions of the Greek government and fully implement the Prespa Agreement. When it comes to the threats by Pannos Kamenos that his party will leave the government once the agreement is up for adoption, I think there should be no concerns, because the government can fall only if 151 MPs vote in favour of a non-confidence motion,” Voutsis said, adding that there will be two series of voting in the Greek Parliament, one on the Prespa Agreement, and the other on Macedonia’s integration in NATO.