Szijjarto: Hungary did not organise Gruevski’s escape from Macedonia

The Hungarian minister of Foreign Affairs Peter Szijjarto denied the claims in certain media that the Hungarian government helped former Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski to escape Macedonia. “We met Gruevski first time when he came to the Hungarian Embassy in Tirana. We have not assisted him to leave Macedonia in any manner and I find it scandalous that certain international media keep on claiming that we organised his escape entirely,” Szijjarto said for “Voice of America”. The Chief of Office of the PM of Hungary Gergely Gulyas reiterated this position, saying that Gruevski did not travel through Macedonia with an official vehicle of the Hungarian Embassy. “Gruevski only gets the treatment prescribed in the Hungarian law for dealing with refugees, and no one files daily reports to us about his whereabouts,” Gulyas said.