President Ivanov holds Lecture at Wroclaw University

The President of Macedonia Gjorge Ivanov, during his visit of Poland on occasion the COP 24 Summit, held a lecture at the University in Wroclaw. During the lecture, Ivanov spoke about the implementation of the Prespa Agreement in the Macedonian Parliament. “Macedonia is facing at the moment one of its greatest challenges and that is renouncing the right of self-determination. Greece is forcing Macedonia to change its name, and will supervise in future how the state of Macedonia will refer to itself, and how will it be referred by the other countries. This agreement will change the names of our institutions and will introduce censorship in school books, and in future we will be dependent on the will of Greece. What the Greek state does to Macedonians living on its territory will also do from now on to Macedonians living in Macedonia,” Ivanov said.