Hungarian journalists locate Gruevski in local Restaurant

The Hungarian web portal published a video in which the former Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski is seen having lunch in a local restaurant in Budapest. The video reveals that Gruevski was joined in the restaurant by four other people, which the Hungarian journalist believes are his personal security, and one driver. While Gruevski was exiting the restaurant, the journalist asked him if Hungary assisted his escape from Macedonia, but he did not answer, and quickly got into a vehicle waiting for him in front of the restaurant, after which the vehicle drove off rather quickly. On Tuesday, several media published a photo of Gruevski in Budapest, and according to Hungarian media, it was taken near the restaurant where he was located on the newest video. Gruevski, after being sentenced to two years in prison for the case “Tank”, fled Macedonia and got a political asylum in Hungary. Hungarian media claim that he is staying either in hotel “InterContinental” or “Kempinski”.