Asselborn for Gruevski: Hungary gave Asylum to Delinquent

The Duchy of Luxembourg is the first, and so far only, EU member-state which condemned the decision of Hungary to grant political asylum to former Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski. The Luxembourgish Minister of Foreign Affairs jean Asselborn said for MIA that he is shocked with this decision. “I find it very shocking that Hungary, that protects its borders from refugees since 2015, suddenly decided to grant asylum to the former PM of Macedonia, who by the way is to serve prison sentence in his country. A delinquent gets protection from an EU member-state, while those running away from wars do not get protection. This is outrageous. EU should re-establish its coherence when it comes to respecting human rights, especially when it comes to refugees and migrants, or else, it will lose its soul. A third of EU member-states refused to sign the migration convention in Marrakesh, which should seriously concern us all,” Asselborn told MIA.