PM Zaev hopes Two-thirds majority for Constitutional changes will be Secured

For now, it’s certain that 76 MPs will vote in favour of the constitutional changes, according to PM Zoran Zaev. He hopes the two-thirds majority will be secured. “76 MPs with whom I have talked have confirmed, but that doesn’t mean that all others are refusing,” the PM said on Wednesday, adding that he believed that support could come from 85-90 parliamentarians. Regarding the 2019 presidential elections, Zaev expects more candidates so that, as he pointed out, citizens can elect the best one and the process can be democratic. The PM will definitely not run in those elections. In order for the threshold to be met, the previous several election cycles saw presidential elections organised simultaneously with parliamentary or local ones. Without ruling out that possibility, Zaev said he was optimistic the elections will see Macedonia elect a head of state. Regarding the idea for MPs’ privileges, Zaev stated that the law wouldn’t be adopted.