PPO receives 66 amnesty Requests from Criminal Court

On Thursday, the Criminal Court said the amnesty requests submitted to it over the case concerning the 27 April 2017 attacks in Parliament had been sent to the relevant prosecutor’s office for an opinion. Once the opinion is obtained, the Court will make within the legal deadline decisions that will be submitted to the parties. The public will be informed in a timely fashion. Around 70 persons are involved in the case, 33 of whom are defendants in the court process. The Public Prosecutor’s Office (PPO) received 66 requests from the Court. As it pointed out, 29 requests have arrived at the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecuting Organised Crime and Corruption. A positive opinion was given about 12 of them. “37 requests have arrived at Skopje’s Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office. The submitted requests have been sent to the relevant prosecutors that acted on the cases. Once they are reviewed, a proper opinion will be submitted to the Court,” the PPO added. The trial over the case will continue after the Christmas holidays, when the closing arguments will be made.