Name deal: Independent Greeks and New Democracy criticise Tsipras again

When and if the name deal arrives, Independent Greeks will leave the ministries, the Greek Deputy Defence Minister, Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha, who is a member of the Panos Kammenos-led party, said in an interview with Focus FM. “We will leave the Government when we see Mr PM’s moves regarding this issue,” she told the Thessaloniki-based radio station, adding that everything would depend on what Alexis Tsipras decided, if he decided on his own. She hopes that the Greek PM will review the “major political and national” issue. According to her, the other side isn’t adhering to what was agreed upon. In another interview, MEP and New Democracy spokesperson Maria Spyraki, commenting on the announcements by Independent Greeks about leaving, said that it would create a new situation and Tsipras would have to organise a no-confidence motion in Parliament. As she told News 24/7, her party will not ratify the name deal. Also, the MEP stressed for the radio station that her party would not do so in the next parliamentary composition, where it would have the majority.