Osmani announces Intensive activities in Public administration Sector

The Deputy PM for European Affairs, Bujar Osmani, announced on Tuesday a kind of “state of emergency” in the public administration sector. As he added, it will cover absolutely everybody, with the goal being Macedonia getting a date for start of EU talks in June. According to the Deputy PM, all possible resources in the sector, but also outside it, should be mobilised in the period leading up to the most important months on Macedonia’s road to Euro-integration. “This is yet another historic year for Macedonia, but now in terms of reaping the results we expect of the two most important processes, EU integration and NATO membership. Starting from today, we are in some way declaring a state of emergency in the administration, we are putting all possible bodies, all people, from managers to ministers, deputies, state secretaries to the last person, at disposal so that the reforms are implemented, results are delivered in accordance with the EU Council’s recommendations made in June of last year. But also so that there are concrete results of the adoption of those reforms, which will make society and the country more European and give enough arguments for us to convince member-states and formally start the negotiations date,” Osmani noted.