Red lines in Independent Greeks new Logo and video


Red lines are the central topic in both the video and the new logo of Independent Greeks. The messages in the video, published on Wednesday by the Panos Kammenos-led party, are being interpreted by Greek media as a farewell and announcement of withdrawal from the ruling coalition. “The red lines are our pride. The red lines write our history. The red lines respect our ancestors. The red lines are the independence and our strength. Independent Greeks, now, more determined than ever,” is the message in the video. The meeting of its parliamentary group was postponed for Thursday or Friday. Also on Wednesday, New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis described Kammenos as the Greek PM’s accomplice after the Prespa Agreement. According to the, had Kammenos really wanted to prevent the deal, he should have left the ruling coalition led by Alexis Tsipras several months ago.