Taravari meets MEPs Vajgl, Kukan and Fleckenstein in Brussels

On Wednesday, Arben Taravari, who is part of Ziadin Sela’s Alliance for Albanians, held a meeting in Brussels with MEPs Ivo Vajgl, Eduard Kukan and Knut Fleckenstein. “It would have better had our party’s proposal for constitutional change in the field of languages been accepted. However, compromise means both sides yielding,” he pointed out. In order to overcome public speculation, Taravari added that the proposal concerning the languages would have ended the ethnic topics in order for the country to be able to address other economic and social topics that were of importance to citizens. “With our proposal, actually, the rights Albanians had during the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia would have been returned to them,” he pointed out. Regarding the party’s three other demands, Taravari considers that they are acceptable and that they don’t cause any problems for ethnic Macedonians.