PM Zaev addresses Nation after adoption of Prespa Agreement

The PM Zoran Zaev addressed the nation via a press conference held at the Government of Macedonia, after the Parliament adopted the Prespa Agreement and the amendments for constitutional changes and change of the name of the country to “Republic of North Macedonia”. “I would like to thank all the MPs that gave support for the adoption of this agreement. I understand that this was very hard for them, and that some of them feel embittered after this, but I also understand those that are celebrating this moment. We are creating a new reality for the Republic of North Macedonia, which is to become NATO and EU member very soon. Generations to come will be proud of their ancestors and the decision they made for secure and peaceful future, and for our country to become part of the contemporary world. This decision breaks all dilemmas, and solidifies the Macedonian identity, which includes traits of all ethnicities living in Macedonia. I am strongly convinced that our friendly neighbours in Greece will also accept and adopt the Prespa Agreement and that they will ratify the protocol for accession of North Macedonia in NATO,” Zaev said in the press conference.