DM Sekerinska meets US National Guard Bureau Chief Lengyel

A delegation of the US National Guard Bureau, headed by its Chief, General Joseph Lengyel, paid an official visit to Macedonia, and had a meeting with the Macedonian Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska. “We have to note that, having in mind all the challenges Macedonia faced and is facing at the moment, this visit takes place in a rather favourable time. The partnership of ARM with the Guard of Vermont allowed it to establish strong ties with the US in general in the past 25 years, characterised with mutual respect, good cooperation and excellent partnership,” Sekerinska said after the meeting. General Lengyel said he is proud of the cooperation between Macedonia and US so far, and that he waits for the moment to welcome the country as the 30th member-state in NATO. “Your army was the first one deployed along the Vermont Guard in Afghanistan. I can assure you that the highest military officials in the US are aware about your contribution to the missions in Afghanistan, and that they recognise and praise your efforts and participation,” Lengyel said, reaffirming the support of the US Army for the integration of Macedonia in NATO.