DUI to run with own Candidate at upcoming Presidential Election

The central presidency of DUI decided at the Wednesday meeting that they will run on the upcoming presidential election with their own candidate. The information was confirmed by DUI’s spokesperson Bujar Osmani right after the meeting. “This is our priority option for the upcoming presidential election. The members of the presidency also decided to notify our leader Ali Ahmet that he can negotiate with other political parties for the possibility of a mutual presidential candidate, so that option is not yet excluded, but remains uncertain,” Osmani told the journalists outside the party headquarters in Mala Recica, Tetovo. The Alliance for Albanians (AA) welcomed DUI’s decision. “We wish that the presidential candidate of Dui is ethnic Albanian. This just shows that the idea for a consensual president they were pushing so hard in the past few months is fake. Since they accepted this challenge, we encourage them to also accept the challenge for having early parliamentary election along with the presidential one,” said the leader of AA Zijadin Sela.