Closing Arguments of Prosecution in “27 April Parliament Incidents” presented

The head of the Public Prosecution Department for Organised Crime Vilma Ruskovska presented on Thursday’s hearing over the “27 April parliament Incidents” case the prosecution’s closing arguments. “The violent events in the Macedonian Parliament were organised by the then-director of the Public Security Bureau, Mitko Cavkov, on the order of former PM Nikola Gruevski. Witness C1 said that Jane Cento was constantly communicating with Mitko Cavkov and received orders directly from him, and after the events, along with Nindza, they repeatedly met with Cavkov, to whom they are angry because he was the one who organised them on the orders of Nikola Gruevski, and now has left them hanging out to dry. Other witnesses confirmed that the organisers of “For Joint Macedonia”, Igor Durlovski, Bogdan Ilievski and Vlado Jovanovski were paid by then Sec Gen of the government Kiril Bozinovski to organise the protests which preceded the incidents,” Ruskovska said in the closing arguments, asking for prison sentences for all 17 defendants in this case.