Prosecutors to discuss Wednesday SPO’s Authorisations over disputed Cases

The Public Prosecutor of Macedonia Ljubomir Joveski scheduled for Thursday a collegium of the public prosecutors, on which they will discuss the request for professional opinion by the Basic Court Skopje 1 over several cases and investigations of the Special Public Prosecution (SPO). This follows the decision of the Supreme Court of Macedonia which states that SPO is not authorised to file bills of indictment or start investigations after the mandate of 18 months predicted by the Law on SPO. The President of the Supreme Court of Macedonia Jovo Vangelovski reiterated the court’s position over SPO’s authority, stating that if defendants in cases open by SPO after the 18-month mandate file complaints, the Supreme Court shall abolish the verdicts against them. Taking this chance, the defence of businessman Orce Kamcev, who is charged by SPO in the “Empire” case, filed an appeal to the Appeal Court for abolishment of the detention measures against him. The Appeal Court started a public session on Wednesday, but interrupted it without reaching a decision.