Part of Employed relatives of Officials to withdraw, Says PM Zaev

According to PM Zoran Zaev, part of the relatives of officials that have been employed at state-owned companies will withdraw. However, it remains unknown which persons will do so. As the PM explained on Monday, he has left it to them to give a positive example to all citizens about conscience prevailing. An analysis is underway to check whether those persons have met employment criteria. The outcome will be revealed this week. “We will reveal the names additionally,” Zaev stressed, adding that they should be allowed to make the announcement on their own. According to him, it’s about a personal act he expects them to carry out. “If we do something, we will confirm that something has been outside the law, ethics et al,” the PM stressed. Alternatives really exist, in his view. On the other hand, the same day, VMRO-DPMNE said a new nepotism case had been registered. According to the opposition party, SDSM MP Mileva Gjorgjieva has managed to find a job not only for her son, but also for her daughter-in-law, Ljubica Gjorgjieva, at the Municipality of Radovis, and brother, Petre Partikov, at Atanas Nivicanski Primary School. The former has been given an employment contract for an indefinite period of time, while the latter has been employed as a pedagogue, without meeting the education qualifications, spokesperson Dimce Arsovski noted. In response to VMRO-DPMNE’s accusations, SDSM urged the opposition party’s leader, Hristijan Mickoski, to answer, among other things, how he’d been given businesses during Nikola Gruevski’s term as PM. “For 11 years, VMRO-DPMNE was politicising all state and public enterprises. It was turning institutions into party offices. That time is behind us and will not be repeated,” the ruling party stressed.