Reactions to alleged Nepotism cases Continue

Commenting on the latest reactions to employment of officials’ relatives, SDSM said on Friday it expected other people, too, to quit their jobs. “However, that is a personal act,” the ruling party added. When it comes to DUI, nobody intends to quit despite the fact that PM Zoran Zaev once again said the moral norms applied to everybody. However, DUI Vice President Teuta Arifi’s sister, too, has a new job. Ali Ahmeti’s party is adamant that its members will not ask relatives to quit because, as it was said, they weren’t the reason for their employment. VMRO-DPMNE once again presented “nepotism cases”. According to the opposition party, among those are SDSM MP Tatjana Prentovic’s brother, who was employed by the Macedonian Opera and Ballet and SDSM MP Aneta Dimovska Simeska’s brother, who was appointed Director of the Health Home in Makedonski Brod.  Commenting on the issue, the President of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC), Biljana Ivanovska said the outcome regarding the 18 cases would arrive in two months.  According to the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Mancevski, the SCPC’s decision will be respected by the legislative power. On Sunday, SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE continued to trade accusations over the matter. The ruling party called for all relatives of members of Hristijan Mickoski’s party to quit. The opposition party, on the other hand, revealed “more cases of nepotism” involving, among others, MPs Sasko Atanasov and Tatjana Lalcevska. The same day, Mickoski said there was no nepotism in his case. “My wife was employed more than 10 years ago. There is no nepotism in my family,” he stressed.