PS Xhaferi comments on Veljanoski case

Regarding the immunity issue concerning MPs Trajko Veljanoski and Ljupco Dimovski, PS Talat Xhaferi stated on Wednesday that if they escaped the country, the Criminal Court would be responsible. In Xhaferi’s view, that is so because the Court, according to the Criminal Procedure Law, needs to secure the presence of all suspects and defendants. “Yesterday, I sent a notification to the Court that conditions hadn’t been created in Parliament to revoke the immunity of the two MPs,” the PS stated. As Xhaferi explained, there are three reasons behind his decision not to put up the proposal to revoke Veljanoski’s immunity for a vote: the expiration of the three-day deadline, some MPs, primarily Muhamed Zekiri, making comments from their seats and the Committee on Mandatory-Immunity Issues not having a concrete proposal to Parliament. Regarding Dimovski, Xhaferi said he’d stopped the session because there was an insufficient number of ruling majority MPs that would vote in favour of revocation of the immunity.