Monthly Archives: February 2019

SPO and PPO: SPO to proceed with Processes under its Authorisation

The Presidents of the Basic Public Prosecution (PPO) and of the Special Public Prosecution (SPO), Ljubomir Joveski and Katica Janeva respectively, held a meeting on Thursday, after which they issued a mutual statement. This meeting follow the decision of the Supreme Court of Macedonia that SPO is not authorised to start investigations and file bills of indictment after its mandate ...

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Road Conditions, 01.02.2019

Poor driving conditions are reported throughout the country on wet roads, with mud and snow in the roadside. Light snowing is present around the mountainous area Bukovo. Lowered visibility because of fog is present around the ares of Stracin, Kula, Delcevo and Smojmirovo. Because of the low temperatures and humidity, some roads might be iced over. Certain roadways passing through ...

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